You are a shining soul, here on a mission to spread light and level up this world.  One on one sessions with Aurora support you in leveling up your brilliant radiance. She will reflect your light back to you!

Joyful Soul Embodiment & Alchemical Creation Coaching with Aurora Light

It takes time and clear, focused intention to transform your entire being, to joyfully embody your unique soul energy and step into your mastery. You can do a lot in just an hour, but if you are looking to actually change your life, it takes commitment and practice. We will be able to shift your perspective and raise your frequency to a whole new reality with our work together if you are ready to know yourself,  love yourself, love your life, and shine your radiant light to support the awakening and ascension of humanity!

Email to book a COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY CALL to see how Aurora can support you!

**Know Yourself, Love Yourself, Love Your Life, Be Yourself. Shine Your light & Find Your Magic.**

Elemental Energy Balancing 

Are you ready to level up your life in every way? If you’ve been feeling like there’s something more for you, some hidden potential you have yet to tap into just waiting to be unleashed then it’s time to take a quantum leap forward and come into alignment with all there is.

 A focus on transforming limiting beliefs, and balancing all the various energies in our lives. This work is guided the elemental forces of creation: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit and the Unified Field. This series balances our energy not only within ourselves, but with the outer world so we are in harmony with nature. Each element represents an aspect of self: Earth (The Physical), Air (Mental), Water (Emotional), Fire (Action), Spirit ( Unique Essence) and the Unified Field (Quantum). 

If you are feeling out of balance, scattered or blocked in any area of your life, this series will support you in aligning you back to your natural state of harmony, with grace and ease. Since how we do one thing is how we do everything, as we cannot actually separate anything from the whole,  each session will unlock and activate aspects of each element separately and together for amazing synergy that will completely transform the way you relate to the world, challenges and yourself. 

Soul Star Radiance:

For Lightworkers, Starseeds and Wayshowers that want to level up their connection to their most radiant selves, and amplify access to their multidimensional selves. Each session will connect you to different aspects of yourself, and your infinite creative potential, with meditations, activations, and ascension support.

We will be intuitively be guided to support whatever is next in line to be loved in each session, to transform every obstacle into the greatest opportunity to level up in your master of Earth School. 

Sessions may include:

  •  Mining past, present, future and parallel lives for their gifts and lessons
  • Transformation and transcendence of limiting beliefs
  • Soul to soul communications and light language transmissions
  • Activations of new energies, clearing and transmuting of old patterns
  • Shamanic astrology, to deepen your understanding the characteristics of the avatar you are playing in this game
  • Working with various etheric energies, from guides and councils of light, to dragons, elementals, fairies, star soul family, luminous ancestors and beings of the highest vibrational frequencies
  • Connection and alignment to Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Divine Innocence in heart center, with empowerment to parent the divine child within our hearts to heal old wounds. 
  • Practices to support creative self expression of your soul’s unique essence
  • Deeping of your intuition and ability to work with energy
  •  Intuitive counseling to navigate the fluctuating energies of this time


Radiant, Radical Self Care

An immersion into supporting yourself like never before, with each session focusing on a different aspect of self, from root to crown and beyond. You are here on a mission of service to the world. You have so much to offer, so much to do, so much to give and you are in danger of burning out your bright love light if you keep going at the pace you are going. Empower yourself to take charge of your energy, and learn to replenish yourself from universal source, and shift your perspective to put YOU first, in service to the divine that you are.  Learn to manage and upgrade your energy fields, avoid having your energy drained, align with the universal laws of creation, connect to your higher self and trust your intuition so you always feel secure in your decisions and service. 


Belief Re-patterning:

If you believe you can, you can. If you don’t believe you can, you won’t!

The limits to our success and enjoyment of life are our conscious and unconscious belief systems. Life responds to what we are thinking, and will bring you exactly what you expect!

Belief Re-patterning uses cognitive science and learning theory to give you the tools to consciously shape your belief systems and how you see (and be) in the world.  Your intention is how you consciously create. Magic is simply a focused use of intention with such feeling that you will it into being.  Abracadabara actually means, I create as I speak. Our language gives shape to our reality. We are basically in a Choose Your Own Adventure scenario where our mindset and perspective shape our reality.

I would love to help you and your family refine your language so you can create a joyful, playful life of abundance, grace and ease, aligned with your intuition, where you are able to fully own, embrace and be who you truly are. This feeling of alignment is so magical. My mission is to share that with you, and everyone I meet. I love working with tiny humans, teens and adults (so, basically everyone!)

Belief Re-patterning Session can be offered in person, online or via phone. They are gentle yet, incredibly powerful session that use the power of language, our focus and intention to use an un-supportive belief, with gratitude as a starting point, that helps us know how we would rather be instead. The beliefs that supported us in times of survival, may not be as helpful when we are ready to thrive.

If you are an energetically sensitive person, you will feel energy move through you, clearing out the old, and ushering in the new. This powerful modality is truly life changing, and very supportive in helping you live your best life, shiny and happy!

Sessions with Aurora, licenced Belief Specialist: $111 + GST per hour

Contact us at 780-863-5178 to book, or

I envision a world full of people who understand that they create their reality through the lens of their own beliefs, who actively co-create a world full of peace, love, harmony, growth, exploration, learning, fun, play, dance and magic.

**Know Yourself, Love Yourself, Love Your Life, Be Yourself. Shine Your light & Find Your Magic.**

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Personal Light Language Transmission:

In this 30 minute session, Aurora will channel a message for you in light language. When you listen to this, you will receive downloads and activations of a variety of light codes specifically to upgrade your system and support you in becoming more of who you are: a multidimensional being and truth seeking star, embodied photon light, slowed down to play in this reality. 

The sound frequencies will wash over you, activating dormant aspects of your soul self and often will connect you to past, present, future and parallel lives.  

30 minute session CAN$77 + GST