Aurora Light:

Aurora’s mission is to facilitate joyful embodiment and connect you with your radiant self by reflecting your divine light back to you!  Transmissions of rainbow light and infinite love are always included, along with access to dimensions of heart centered consciousness. Aurora works with the elemental forces of creation to create alchemical shifts within the soul as we transform limiting beliefs with tremendous respect and gratitude to catapult us to higher levels of self mastery and love.

When you watch Aurora perform with her Circus of Light, you will be enchanted and delighted to see her magic. If you take a class with Aurora, you will be immersed in this playful energy and feel the magic. A one on one session with Aurora will shift your mindset so you can remember and believe you are magic!

No matter what modality she is working with: movement, meditation or mystical linguistic initiation, Aurora will expertly guide you to a deeper connection with your true authentic self, body mind and soul. Her mission is to help you know yourself, love yourself, love your life and shine your light!

Aurora has woven together an incredible tapestry of education and cosmic energy to cultivate unique offerings that are changing lives.

Aurora Light,  has trained in the academic realms using her background in Sociocultural anthropology and Belief Re-patterning to understand the science of learning behind the shifts created through her programs. She is a Doula, Priestess and Belief Specialist who will support you through the rebirth of your awakening and  ascension process, guided intuitively by her connection to her higher/future selves on the Galactic Councils of Light.

She is also a teaching artist specializing in joyful embodiment through circus flow arts and conscious dance. Aurora  has facilitated thousands of children as an Artist In Residence in Elementary schools with Dani Altiere Inc. She has also  facilitated groups of people of all ages at workshops, classes, festivals and retreats throughout Western Canada. Every class is an opportunity to create mastery of self through alignment of body, mind and soul.