Welcome to Aurora Awakening!

Aurora’s mission is to facilitate joyful embodiment and connect you with your radiant self by reflecting your divine light back to you!  Transmissions of rainbow light and infinite love are always included, along with access to dimensions of heart centered consciousness. Aurora works with the elemental forces of creation to create alchemical shifts within the soul as we transform limiting beliefs with tremendous respect and gratitude to catapult us to higher levels of self mastery and love.

Signature Soul Services:

You are a shining soul, here on a mission to spread light and level up this world.  One on one sessions with Aurora support you in leveling up your brilliant radiance through a transformation of limiting beliefs and an alignment of your body, mind and soul. Through gentle conversation, we can connect to higher dimensions and reflect back to you the light of you who really are: shining, truth seeking stars!

Elemental Energy Balancing

If you are feeling out of balance, scattered or blocked in any area of your life, this series will support you in aligning you back to your natural state of harmony, with grace and ease. If you are ready to level up every aspect of your life, working with the Elemental forces of creation to transform the limiting beliefs that hold you back will get you in alignment, and more!



Connect and Shine

Book a complimentary discovery call to see how Aurora Light can support your radiance and shine with her Joyful Embodiment and Alchemical Creation Coaching!

Email info@auroraawakening.com to book your time and amplify your illumination!


Radical Self Care

It's time to shine, dear one. This world needs your light more than ever before, and that means we need to make sure we are at full radiance to illuminate the darkness! This means taking exquisite care of ourselves and connecting for support so we can do our work it the world.